Saturday, March 16, 2013

Forever Friends :')

Friendship is a starting point for me to know one's heart. I have many female friends. I love them. Those who become companions is my life now when in school. Behavior are many ways that I knew, that I see, that I understand, the physical form of sorts already mature, but the fact they childish girl. They always make me smile (sometimes was a little disappointed). Make me laugh and they always go mad when to do a thing.

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( MeForeverLoveYouGuys ! )
But now, everything changes. We separated because in different grades. They got all sorts of arrogant. YAALLAH. Why is everything so fast happen to me? Where the best friend that I had never known before? Why would they be like this? Hmmm. I felt sad when they curse my classroom. Yes, it's a class I'm not popular variety in their classrooms. But I did not need friends want to curse their own class. As long as we all managed to SPM later. I was very sad when they are willing to talk about myself back with my good friend NADIA NATASHA. Maybe before I rarely speak to her, rarely hang out with her. But when her classmates I'm so, I became close to her. As if she had been my brother despite the fact that I was older than her. I was very happy when she is in my life. wherever I go, should she have with me. She was a lot of encouragement and support to me. I love her like me love my sister. I hope we will not be separated because we had promised to study together and succeed in the SPM later. Insyaallah .....

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