Friday, March 22, 2013


SALAM to all my blog readers. Today I want to share my happiness with my beloved sister of NUR FAZIRAH. On the 21st March 2013, the SPM results were announced. To be the story today, my sister has been getting all A + (10A +) in SPM. Woaahhhhh! Alhamdulillah, I am very proud of her. She can prove that she can achieve great results. Overall her school got nearly 80% of all A's in SPM. Amazing indeed her school. So for conclusion, Insyaallah , I will follow my sister's footsteps to get all A + for SPM to come. To all my blog readers, is praying for my success. I hope that Allah blessed our success and wish you all success later.

Kepada zulhafiz , berapa pun keputusan yang awak dapat . Saya di sini sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan awak . Kalau boleh saya nak tengok awak berjaya hingga ke menara gading . Walaupun saya tiada di sisi awak , Saya yakin bahawa awak boleh berjaya suatu hari nanti . Kalau awak sayangkan saya , tolong berjanji dengan saya bahawa awak akan sambung belajar nanti k . Saya nak sangat tengok orang yang saya sayang berjaya depan mata saya walaupun bukan dengan saya . Jadi tolong lah janji dengan saya yang awak akan sambung belajar k . SayaSayangAwak :')


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